Friday, 27 May 2016

Typing practice

Today I got 145 (29%) and also got 127 (25%) and I will always try and practice my typing at home and try and have about 200% of my typing


Basic facts

Today on my sheet, I 20/60, and next week I will practice more of my basic facts and try and every basic facts right and also try and move up to another level.

Basic facts

My progress today was 58/60 and practice my groupings within 10 and 20, and 10 and 100
on my sheet today.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Story map

Name: Telesia
Story Map
Creating a story map is a way to help you understand and summarize the stories you read.  When you make a story map, you identify the basic story elements, such as the characters, setting, conflict, and important plot events.
Title:High wire
Sam, bill, mum,  dad, and Ali.
Ali is too scared to go on to the ropes course, but sma forced him to, and now.

Australia and the bushes, white water raft, and a farm where there they were riding horses.

Event 1:
Ali and his family go for a holiday to the Australian bushes.
Event 2:
But then Ali goes to the australian the hospital to go visit his cousin Sam for one hour.
Event 3:
Now Sam has gotten out of the hospital, and now they both are gonna go to the ropes course.
Event 4:
Now Sam has ended up in the hospital again, because Ali forced him to go on the ropes course.

The climax is that, after he comes back from the hospital, he hopes he gets yum food from the camp.

He showed his resolution that he would never ever disagree with safety rules that are really safety  for people.


I will practice my times tables and try learn more and more of my basic facts.

Basic facts

Today I got 58/60 and I will try and practice more of my basic facts to try and get and to another level

Typing practice

Today  I got 134 (27%) and i will practice more typing for me to score higher.

The moment of mother's day.

Card giving.
Mother's Day
One strange morning, I got up really hungry and went down stairs with my mum weirdly and angrily staring at me then I said to her “ Ummm, hi?” as I went past her going downstairs.
After I got downstairs I thought she must be angry at dad.
I thought again……….damn it.  I go rushing upstairs just as she calls out “ Ssssia” as she gently calms down.
“I am so sorry mum,” as I am still puffing, “ but  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!” and she is still staring at me angrily with a red face.
So I go to get the card for my mum. I worked really hard on this card and I hoped that she would feel special.
Having a mum is really connectable for me, we fight to stay together and forever, so this mother's day, is going to be best and maybe the most delightful moment of her life.
Then I give her a kiss and a hug. I tried to sneak away quietly but she said “ nah nah nope!” I sighed and I kind of grumped because all the fault was pointing to me.
Later, she finished reading and gave me a hug  and a kiss HAPPILY!!! (this time)

Here is a photo of my beautiful mother.
Love you,mum and I will never forget you.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

My personal voice

In the morning, we all gathered and walked to church to celebrate St Patrick's feast day. I was hot, really nervous too, and the BUTTERFLIES in my stomach made me feel like I was going to throw up!

After the Mass, Room 5 and Room 3 had a shared morning tea on the field underneath the tree outside the music room.
I was shy to admit that I had no food to eat but my soul friend and my
other friends kindly shared their food with me.
The food my soul-friend brang was delicious and so was my other friends. I love hanging out with my soul-friend.
I thought the readers were amazing, because I loved their expressions. Mrs Middleton took our photo and then we carried on eating.

Here is our photo we had taken.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 at 11.24.35.png

A strange object.

We are learning to describe of an object without using its name.

A strange object

I see an object, it is beautiful orangey, while I look at it I see it has a see through pattern.
It has tiny little red dots, it is really soft to touch, it is smooth.
It tasted yuck, it was cold, it feels like a plastic ball. It is weak, the object was juicy, tasty, a bit sour, it pulls apart fast, it smells like nature, and it taste like green and smells like green.
When I touch it its feels like you told to imagine something from that small object, the seeds burst out onto me and on my book and also, the juiciness was brilliant. That almost tasted like watermelon.
I also heard some seeds pop out onto my chest
I love how it had melted softly in my mouth.

That was my experience of eating a cherry tomato

Friday, 13 May 2016

Basic facts

This is my timed and sheet and on my timed I got 46/60 and I hope to try and continue on more harder stages and for my sheet I got 37/60 and that is very strange for me to have a score like this and I hope to see 60/60 on both timed and sheet

Typing practice.

I had my progress today as 143  (29%) and I will always try and score more and more and try harder.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Typing practice

Today my progress was 118 (24%) and I will always try and focus on my keyboard and try and type faster