Friday, 6 July 2018

Electricity - Solar Panels.

Friday 6 July
In Inquiry, we have been learning about electricity. Kaliamata and I have created a slideshow that explains how Solar Panels are generated. 

Family Tree Art Project.

Friday 6 July
In art, we created Family Trees at the start of Term 2. This artwork took a lot of time and effort. I found this artwork really stressful. I found the stage where I glued in the blossoms stressful because I had to go back to my netbook, go back to my art, go back and forth. The blossoms beside each branch define each person's personality. I had a document where it had the definition of each color I put into my artwork and going back and forth caused me a lot of stress.
I only added my siblings, my parents, my parent's parents, my aunties, uncles, and cousins that we're close to. 

Overall, this was worth the effort and time because I think my artwork looks beautiful. 

Saturday, 30 June 2018

What we have been learning in Art | Te Reo.

Friday 29 June
Today, our school had a learning assembly. In our learning assemblies, we share what we learn in our classes. Throughout this week, our class was separated into groups and were given a topic that we have learned about to share. My group and I were given Art, Te Reo. 
In art, we created a Family Tree project. On our tree branches, we wrote out families names in Te Reo. 
My group and I created a movie to show the evidence of our learning.
Click on this link to watch how we created our Family Tree.

[Movie credits: Joseph Mulipola.]

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Basic Facts.

Wednesday 13 June
Today on Stage 6, I got 32/40. It was a struggle in the 1000's, but I'm learning to solve a 4 digit number problem quickly. I will work on my 1000's throughout this week and next time I do prototec, maybe the 1000's column will at least be all correct.