Friday, 9 November 2018

Communion Of Saints.

Friday 09 November  

This week we studied Saints that had the same date as our birthday, for their feast day.   

100 Word Challenge·

Friday 9 November - 100 Word Challenge

A loud voice echoes from the exit. As I walked towards the exit, the voices became louder I looked to my left where the bathroom is and slowly started to walk closer to the bathroom. The voices went quieter. I ignored the voices and opened the door. The voices became louder. I closed the door, and the voices stopped. I got curious so I walked to the bathroom. I was trying to call Mum but I guess she couldn’t hear me. I told myself “I got this”. I opened the bathroom door. Nobody or nothing was in there. Everything was in place, but I knew something was wrong. I walked towards the shower, opened the curtain and somebody tackled me down! I screamed as loud as I could!! I looked up, and I saw my dad. I loudly sighed and started laughing, but I was still in shock and a little scared. I pushed dad off me and I look to shower, and Mum was in there and she jumped onto me!! I was so afraid but when I realized it was Mum, I said “Oh! No wonder she didn’t call out to me when I called her name!”. Mum and I stood up and we all started to chuckle.  

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Communion Of Saints - St Vinceza Gerosa.

Thursday 1 November - Feast Day Of All Saints.
To find information about the life of a saint.
To identify what saints do during their life that showed how they make decisions or choices

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Wednesday 24 October.

Today in inquiry, we watched videos of a lady pronouncing the alphabet in Spanish from A-K. The task was to learn how to pronounce a few of the letters.

(A) Ah (B) Beh (C) Seh (D) Deh (E) Eh (F) Ehfeh (G) heh (H) Ahche (Ch) cheh (I) ee (J) hota (K) kah  

Friday, 19 October 2018

Explanation Writing.

Friday 19 October.

Learn: This week I have confirmed my understanding of the structure of explanation writing.
Click here to read my explanation writing.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Welcome To Term 4!

Welcome To Term 4!

Holiday Experience:

During the holidays, our Samoan Community took part in a mass at a Samoan Church we attend every first Sunday of the month. We were to do the offertory. Most of the young children took part. 
As Samoans, when we do offertory at a huge mass like that, we serve the priesthood fine mat(s) and a beautifully cooked pig. There's also a performance performed by a young girl, supported by men that cheer for her, which is called: a Taupou and Aiuli's. 
I had to take up the basket of money, with another bunch of people that went up to the altar to bless the items they'd carried. 
We are to take up the Bread and Wine, flowers to decorate the altar, necklaces made of flowers to put on the priests, necklaces made of sweets to put on the elders, hamper baskets, cooked pig and a fine mat.

Taupou & Aiuli's: