Friday, 15 April 2016

Reading Activity

My personal voice


On Saint Patrick’s feast day, St Pius celebrated the feast of Saint Patrick.

In the morning, we all gathered and began to walk to the church. I felt like vomiting. and felt hot and really nervous.
I didn’t feel like being Invited.
I had BUTTERFLIES in my stomach.
After that mass Room 5 and Room 3 had a shared lunch at the field underneath the tree.
I brought nothing but my soul friend brought something and my other friends also shared with me.
I was shy to admit that I had no food to bring.
I thought the readers were amazing, because I loved their expressions. After the mass Room 5 and Room 3 had a shared lunch on the field and also took photos. I had a lovely time.

This is me and my soul friend.
Screenshot 2016-04-15 at 11.24.35.png

WALT: write using a recount with our personal voice. I used my personal voice in my writing when I described
That the readers were great and that they had readen amazing

Alien invasion

We are learning to write a narrative story using a picture as a prompt.

Narrative writing

Alien invasion. (Written by Sia)

On a lovely and Sunny day, my family and I went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables for dinner.
When we got there, we saw a spaceship that had  landed in the middle of the parking lot.

We panicked because we saw tiny aliens coming out of the spaceship,so we tried to get back into the car and go  back home. But we didn’t make it to the car, their captain saw us trying to leave.

Their captain quickly shouted “Guards, capture those people,they are leaving!”. The little guards had green big huge foreheads and tiny little bodies. So then some of the guards went after us and captured  my family and me, then they put us in their spaceship.

My little brother and little sister was really scared, so I went and comforted them and made a play with the countdown cards that I had left in my pocket also with two stuffed monkeys  and they had stopped crying.

My Mum and Dad were in different rooms and also us, but,My brother and sisters and I were in the same room.My older brother and older sister were in another room together.

When we got there I realized what they were doing to us which was using us as slaves for probably for about three or four years.

My sister had asked me “ Sia, why are we in this place? I feel wrong” and then I replied “ It’s nothing these stupid aliens are taking us somewhere.” I laughed.

We went to go and played with the toys I had brought with me.

I was wondering where was my other part of my family.

“Oh”, I said, as a wall popped up as a screen with a king alien in it. He started talking to us. “Let us go, you stupid green head!” I shouted, Daniel laughed. The thing about him was that he was talking in foreign language, we could not understand so we said we could not understand. The alien had said “ HA!, Okay, I will now speak that message all out again in english! Huf.” He had puffed.

There was a screen in all of our rooms and it was shown  in our  room and was on as the same time as it was on in on in our room.

After 3 days later they finally let us go . “ So I was wrong all along, they just took us for no reason” I thought.

I ran out our room and searched for Dad and Mum, my heart was finally filled. I had saw my family waiting for me and then I ran to them. I was happy.

I ran to Dad and had hugged him, and he said to me “ Well done, you did well. Thanks for looking after the kids for us!” I said “ Oh that’s alright, I was scared for them but, they gave me a headache.” and everyone laughed …….


So we all went home and carried on with our drama stuff.

I learned how to write a narrative that has a problem and a solution
I learned how to write a narrative that has a problem and a solution.

I learned how to write a narrative that has a problem and a solution

I learned how to write a narrative that has a problem and a solution

Friday, 8 April 2016

Tying practice

Today I got 138 (28) and today I will type more because I have slowed down.

Basic Facts.



Screenshot 2016-04-08 at 09.31.56.pngScreenshot 2016-04-08 at 09.32.12.png

Today my progress was 54/60 and Yesterday I got 53/60 and I will blog my results to day and work on my sheet and complete on Maththematics.

Basic facts.



Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 11.19.34.pngScreenshot 2016-04-04 at 11.19.48.png

Today I got 51/60 and I have practiced some of my basic facts and I have practised with my mum and dad and next week I will try harder on my timed and sheet.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Basic facts


Screenshot 2016-04-01 at 10.21.14.pngScreenshot 2016-04-01 at 10.21.31.png
Today my progress was 30/60 and, today I will take more home-learning and I will practice at my Nana’s house.

Basic Facts


Today my progress was 57/60 and I will do more of my Subtraction to ten, tens and twenties, and Groupings within tens and twenties.Tomorrow I will practice my basic facts and continue on my work.