Friday, 28 October 2016

Basic Facts

Today my progress was 58/60 and I will practice my Basic facts when I have time and I will make time to get 60/60 next time I do prototec.

On Monday for basic facts I got 42/60 and I need to focus on my maths mostly and try and complete stage 5 and move to stage 6.

Typing Practice

Today my progress was 186 (37%) and I have beaten all my scores and next time I do this activity, I will try and probably get 200.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Today I got 58/66 and I practiced my home-learning and I hope I get 60/60 next time and try continue on another stage instead of remaining on stage 6, so at the end of the year I will be at national standard for my maths results.

Basic facts

Today I got 44/60 for my Timed on my basic facts and I can see that I need to quickly know my timetables, division, and mostly my subtraction to 20. This term is learning term.

Here's Tuesday's Results because I wasn't here on Monday.
On Tuesday I got 58/60 for Timed on my basic facts.
Today I got 57/60 today for my results and I can see that i need to practice more of my basic facts so all of the lanes have 10/10.