Monday, 17 September 2018


Learn: I have been learning how to find out which fraction is bigger.
Which fraction is larger? ⅓ or ⅖?


3 x 5 = 15
15/ ⅓ = 5
15/ 3 = 5
5 x 1 = 5

15/ ⅖ = 6
15 / 5 = 3
3 x 2 = 6
So I am going to find out which fraction is larger ⅓ of 2/5.
So I am going to times the two denominators  so 3 x 5 = 15
So I am going to divide the 15 by the ⅓
So 15 divided by 3 equals 5 and then 5 times 1 equals 5
Next, I am going to find out what is 15 / ⅖
So 15/5 which is the denominator which is 3
Then I'm gonna x the 3 by the numerator which is 2
That equals 6 and then I know that ⅖ is bigger than ⅓ because 6 is bigger than 5
My screencastify is not workinghence why theres no screencastify. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

In 15 Years Time....

In 15 years time, I would be finishing off University preparing to become a Veterinary Nurse.

2019 - Next year, I will be a year 8 leaving St Pius X Catholic School attending Auckland Girls Grammar in 2020.

2023 - At year 11, I'll apply for a job at paknsave just in case my family members come across financial problems. Also to get started on my savings to get a car.
I'll start learning how to drive.

2024 - If I get fired or if I quit, I'll apply for a job at either KFC or McDonalds. I'll keep my job(s) simple til I finish University preparing to become a Veterinary Nurse.
I'll get my license done & get a car a few months after.

2025 - At the end of year 13, I'll quit my job(s) preparing for University.

2026 - Before I start University, I'll take the whole year studying on Veterinary.

2027 - I'll start University and for 4 years, I'll take Veterniary Nursing.

2031 - I'll finish University and take another year off preparing to become a Veterinary Nurse.

That's what will happen in 15 Years Time.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Technology - Hard Material.

Wednesday 12 September.
Last week, we all rotated classes. So we're currently in Hard Material with Mr Grundy. 

In Hard Material, we're planning a shape or an object, that matches somebodies personality, e.g; your mother, your father, your grandparents, basically anybody that you want to give this shape/object to.  
These objects are made out of metal, so obviously, there can't be any tiny holes in the object/shape that you've chosen. Also, the object/shape you've chosen can NOT have any thin parts, e.g; thin legs, thin stands (microphone stand), basically anything thing. 

Here's an example: 

Recipient 1: Mum - huge heart, Hearty catholic, beautiful voice, name starts with P.

Estimation | Volume - Term 3.

Wednesday 12 September.

Learn: We are estimating how much 600ml will need to go into the containers.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Comparison of the Early Church and the Church Now.

Early Church
Church Now
They went and around preaching about God.
We sit in church and people from church read from 2 readings from the bible then the priest reads the Gospel and gives a homily after.  
They said the prayers.
We sing the prayers.  
The Jews didn't like the early church people.
Some Jews are apart of the church now.
They broke bread in their own homes.
We break bread in church.
They gathered in their homes to celebrate the Sabbath Day or every day.
We gather in the church to celebrate.
A lot of people did the will of  God.
Not that many do the will of God.
A lot of people became Saints.
Not many become Saints nowadays.
Christians lived in Jerusalem.
They now live all around the world.

Narrative Writing.

Friday 07 September
Learn: To write pre asset our narrative writing.

“Why wouldn’t I do that? I’ve done it before, don’t worry” Jack said.
Sophie tried to stop him from sniffing it but Jack still sniffed it.
Mrs Turner walked in & caught Jack sniffing the cocaine.
Jack quickly hid it behind him but Mrs Turner asked him “what’s that?” Jack didn’t reply.
Mrs Turner repeated herself but added
“I’m gonna ask you one more time and if you don’t tell me, I’m going to come there and look myself, now tell me,”
Jack told her that it’s nothing, but Mrs Turner had enough and went herself and looked.
She looked over Jack’s shoulder as Jack was facing the front trying to hide it & gasped.
She was shocked. She had a face of disappointment. She was really disappointed and shocked.
She asked him “who gave you this?”. He didn’t reply so Sophie said “it was me” (she took the blame).
Mrs Turner wasn’t stupid enough to believe that so she asked him again “Jack, answer me.
Who gave you this?” Jack answered her “I stole it off my Father”. Mrs Turner was so disappointed.
She took him to the Principal’s office and left Sophie there with the cocaine because
she had faith that Sophie wouldn’t do anything.

They got to the Principal Stuarts office. “Have a seat”.
They sat down and Mrs. Turner told him straight. Mr Marstity was also in shock!
“I'm going to take this to the police”. Jack looked at both teachers and shouted
“No! You can't, please sir, it'll wreck my opportunity towards the rugby team! Please, sir, I beg you”.  

I haven't finished this story yet and yes it isn't that really appropriate, but this was all I could think of at the time.